Horsham for the under 5’s – What not to miss

Horsham is a wonderful place to take the kids. Here are a few of the highlights guaranteed to keep even the most discerning of toddlers amused.

Horsham ParkHorsham Park

There is simply no better place to wear out a toddler. Slides, climbing frames, bouncy see-saws – you name it, Horsham park has got it. Add to that a colossal sandpit, duck pond, nature garden and dragon maze and you’ve got a sort of magical toddler utopia. After a good run around, head to one of Horsham’s many cafes for a coffee and a babyccino, safe in the knowledge that your little‘un will sleep like a trooper later that evening.

The LibraryHorsham Library

Horsham Library is great for kids and runs weekly ‘rhyme time’ sessions dedicated to the under 5’s. The kiddie friendly area is large and vibrant with a massive selection of books. If you can persuade them away from the computer, your toddler can even help you load their selection onto one of those new-fangled automated book machines.

The Shelley FountainShelley Fountain Horsham

Some have been known to call this Horsham landmark a concrete monstrosity (surely not!). To your average toddler however, it is a thing of wonder and delight. What’s not to like about waiting around for an enormous shell to whoosh up into the air? If that wasn’t enough, there are also smaller spinning shells round the outside to marvel at. Nice.

ForumForum Horsham

 Seen through the eyes of an under 5, the Forum is simply a scooter arena with the added bonus of a massive sundial and a water feature you can run in and out of. Great fun, but be sure to pack some spare clothes.

 Baby box office at The CapitolThe Capitol Horsham

A vaguely amusing experience and well worth a go – why not take your under 3 along to a baby box office screening? If you manage to watch a whole film in between feeding and nappy changing, then you’ve done exceptionally well.