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N.Doe Caravans are a static caravans provider in the Horsham area. Established in 1970, they have over 40 years of experience in static caravans for individuals and resorts. They are approved suppliers of some of the most well known holiday parks, including Park Resorts and Park Holidays.

No matter what you choose to use your static caravan for, N.Doe is able to accommodate you. Whether you have a large family, need wheelchair access or just want the latest technology, N.Doe Caravans can find the right caravan to suit your requirements.

They also offer free delivery within 100 miles of Horsham, making it that much more convenient and easy for you.

Static caravan services

N.Doe Caravans offer a range of static-centred services to their customers.

New caravans for sale

N.Doe has a vast array of new static caravans for sale, with affordable prices. Each caravan is a high quality model and contains essential features such as double glazing, integrated Bluetooth systems, central heating, USB ports – and some even have a hot tub!

Customers can turn any static caravan into a luxury home with N.Doe.

Used static caravans

If you’re looking for statics at low prices, then N.Doe also has used static caravans for sale. Still equipped with essential features and excellent mod cons, their range of used static caravans are just as good as the new ones!

Sell your static caravan

If you live in the Horsham area and already have a static caravan that you’ve outgrown or no longer use, N.Doe will buy your used caravan. They always offer a fair price and can even collect the caravan to avoid hassle!

Statics for hire

If you need a static caravan for a temporary time, then you can hire one out. This service is available all year round and is perfect for those engaging in a self-build project, those requiring accommodation on a construction site, or those who have been made homeless due to natural forces and wish to stay on their own private land.

Siting and removal

N.Doe can arrange to site your static caravan to your ideal location, so long as it is within 100 miles of Horsham. For those already owning a static caravan, they can also remove and dispose of old homes.

Top uses for static caravans

Static caravans come with a multitude of uses. They can offer full time or temporary housing, a holiday home, and a convenient place for seasonal workers to stay.

Office space

Working from home has become a much more frequent practice since the pandemic, but finding a nice quiet space to work in your home can prove to be a challenge.

Buying a static caravan can provide you with the perfect set-up, and enable you to separate your work from your home life – whilst still being at home! This is also a great option for people who run their own businesses from home.

Temporary accommodation

Static caravans can be rented out for temporary accommodation. If you’re someone who’s working on a self-build project or a construction site, this may be the perfect solution.

For those who are seasonal workers, such as farmers or summer camp employees, statics and mobile homes provide a great place to stay during work placements. They’re comfortable, affordable, and of incredible value.

Permanent residence

Alternatively, you can take up permanent residence in a static caravan. Whether this is in a park or on private land, a static caravan can make the perfect home.

Static caravans come equipped with all the essentials you need to live comfortably, and more!

Holiday caravans and holiday park homes

If holidays are something you like to often partake in, then having a static caravan as a holiday home is ideal. It allows you to go away knowing you’ll have a place to stay that’s your own.

Holiday homes are often popular for family holidays, and whether you prefer camping in the countryside, staying by the sea, or parking up in a holiday park, having a holiday home can allow you to holiday comfortably in a range of locations.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in holiday home ownership, you can buy a static caravan and rent it out to holiday goers instead of having it for personal use.

Find out more about N.Doe

From being holiday homes to office spaces, or even permanent lodges, static caravans come with a wealth of uses and can be practical in many situations. Becoming caravan owners can open you up to a lot of opportunities.

N.Doe offer great value static caravans, and are able to help with a range of other services too. They are trustworthy and always able to help customers with queries regarding their static caravans. Visit their website to find out more about them and what they can do for you, if you find yourself interested in buying or selling a static caravan.

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