Annual St. George’s Day Parade

st george's day parade

Each year on the 23rd April cities, towns and villages in England organise events to celebrate our Patron Saint, St. George. Legend has it he defeated a dragon and held fast against all attempts to end his life in war.

Perhaps most importantly, his emblem of a red cross on a white background has since become the English flag and features in the British flag.

Horsham’s St. George’s Day Parade

Horsham Scouts will lead the annual parade through the Carfax. St. George is their official Saint and who scouts aspire to be like in terms of bravery and confidence. As part of the parade, local children will renew their dedication to Scout Law.

Starting at the main Horsham train station, the scouts will march a route leading into the central Carfax for an open air celebration in the early afternoon.

Getting Involved

If you’re in town on Saturday 23rd April, take a break from shopping to enjoy the parade and ceremony, which represents hundreds of years of tradition. It’s also a national event with ceremonies taking place up and down the country.

The Horsham Scouts have scheduled the event to run from 2.30pm – 4.00pm, a perfect time for something exciting after a lunch date in town.

To add this event to your Google Calendar, click here and come out to support Horsham youth and mark England’s National Day, on the anniversary of St. George’s recorded death.

Looking ahead

As an annual event, here are the days St. George’s Day falls on in 2017 and 2018;

Sunday April 23rd, 2017, Monday April 23rd, 2018. St. George’s Day is not a public holiday.

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