Horsham’s Nando’s Is Coming Soon…

On the ‘Rate Your Nando’s’ website the rumours of the chain opening has gone from Lemon & Herb to Extra Hot, meaning we will be seeing the egg hatch soon. Nando’s will be located on The Old King’s Head Hotel premises for all chicken fans to flock to. Yes, that’s right… we won’t have to trek to Crawley any longer to grab ourselves an affordable yet addictive meal. With the long-awaited Nando’s opening on August 13th, we are excited about getting our hands on a lemon and herb chicken wrap or one of their legendary flame-grilled PERi-PERi chickens.

Yet if you’re not quite part of the chicken fandom, not to worry! It appears you will have a lot to choose from in Horsham town centre to fill you up. With Buenos Aires Argentine Steakhouse and the Giggling Squid having recently opened their doors, the characteristic East Street is edging ever closer to becoming renamed as ‘Eat Street’.

East Street in Horsham

There’s a lot of competition for the new and the old in Horsham’s buzzing town centre, with the existing large chains such as Wagamama’s, Ask Italian and Pizza Express reigning. But let’s not forget about our local good food restaurants – sometimes a family run restaurant/bar can offer a better atmospheric experience than just good food. If that sounds like your sort of place, you should take a visit to Crates Local’s new coffee shop for some ‘lovingly made’ coffee.

With Horsham town centre set to welcome another popular food chain into its midst, many have posed the question; are we being taken over by soulless establishments? Are our local restaurants being swept aside? Or, is it a good thing that we are gaining what seems like a directory of foods from around the world? We want to know your thoughts.