Local Events for Kids this Christmas

christmas tree

West Sussex and Horsham pull out all the stops for families and children throughout the year, so it’s no surprise local events are already capturing the imagination of younger residents.

To celebrate the wide range of festive events great for kids, we went right to the source and spoke with a local eleven year old about what she’d recommend this year. Would your own child agree?

Events this Christmas

As a child, I look forward to Christmas and spending time with my family. Horsham and it’s surrounding areas are great for finding things to do at this exciting time of year! So, I’ve listed a few of the best events I’ve found:

capitol panto

Panto at the Capitol

One of our favourite things to do around Christmas is to go and watch a panto at the Capitol as they perform one each year. For 2015 they’re putting on Beauty and The Beast, an all-time favourite, so why not go and see it this year from 11th December until 3rd January? The ticket prices are reasonable with prices ranging from ten pounds to £20.50.

With a great choice in dates, you can even enjoy it over the New Year if you’re too busying preparing your own festive feast.

Santa Boats Cruises

Head to Loxwood on December the 6th, 13th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd, where children can meet Father Christmas and receive an early Christmas present.

With refreshments on board, tickets are £9 per person and the boats set sail at 11am, 12pm and 2:00pm. Departing from behind the Onslow Arms on the B2133 at Loxwood, it’s a unique and memorable way to celebrate Christmas that’ll be great for family photos.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Performance

Starting on the 18th December until the 2nd of January, Dickens’ famous story of Ebenezer Scrooge is being performed at the Chichester Festival Youth Theatre. With tickets only £10.00, it’s great value for money as the actors are set to light up the stage. Why not take the whole family to see this timeless classic story, rather than watching a repeat of the Muppets version on TV?

Notable mentions

If you’d like to go a bit further than Horsham, try Winter wonderland in Hyde Park, London where you can meet Santa and his reindeers. Even closer to home you can see him at Fishers Farm where the grotto is filled with magical twinkling lights, and at Sumners Pond where they’re giving away free gifts.

Looking for something a bit different? Head to WWT Wetlands Centre in Arundel where you can sail to meet Father Christmas. They’ve decorated boats to take families on trips through the reedbeds, all the way to the rustic Holt Building.

No matter what you enjoy locally this Christmas, here at Horsham Blog we wish you all the best!

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