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As we all spend more and more time on computers, we should aim to take better care of our online footprint. From Internet banking and shopping to communicating with family abroad, it’s a modern fact of life and doubly so at Christmas and New Year.

It’s very likely additional hours will be spent on ecommerce sites as we look for presents to get family and friends, which will involve giving out private details such as debit and credit card numbers. With this in mind, we’re sharing a useful infographic from local IT company Woodstock IT, which’ll help protect you all year round.

How do you set a secure password?

For most online accounts, you’re password protected but it’s good to ask how secure that actually makes your information, especially considering the highly publicised hackings of top websites, such as Mumsnet.

Horsham company Woodstock IT have produced the following guide to creating passwords that won’t let the hackers in:

How safe is your password infographic

What to do now

The main takeaways are that hackers use sophisticated technology to steal passwords, and the easier it was for you to create, the easier it is for them to hack! Avoid full words and actually look to create ‘passphrases’ instead with a mix of numbers and characters.

If you know someone who’d find this useful in the run up to Christmas, please share as it could help them keep their details safe. As an additional tip, you can sign in to Last Pass, which creates extremely secure and random passwords for websites.

Happy and safe browsing!


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