Guide to Staying Fit this Christmas

festive walk Horsham

At Christmas, the temptation to snack and indulge more than usual gets very high. The Quality Streets come out, mulled wine is everywhere and being in a toasty pub with friends sounds a lot better than going out on a brisk walk or run. Whilst it’s it important to enjoy yourself at the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also good to keep up your fitness so that you’re not hit with it in the New Year.

Here are five easy ways to keep fit this Christmas:

Watch what you drink

Whilst we’re definitely not going to tell you to stay away from the booze this Christmas, it is important to know how much you’re consuming. A glass of red, for example, will set you back 125 calories. Whilst that doesn’t sound like a lot, consider just how many glasses you’re planning on consuming. Limiting yourself to just a couple glasses or swapping out for some lemonade or water near the end of the night will not only cut the calories, but keep you hydrated and cut out some headache hangover the next morning. Remember, drink responsibly!


Bring a packed lunch to work

The shops have started to get all the festive goodies in, from mince pies to turkey and cranberry sandwiches. Whilst it’s tempting to get a little treat on your lunch break, it’s always good to plan your lunch and snacks for the day from home. Maybe treat yourself on a Friday to a marzipan log, but don’t go bonkers. Make sure each of your three meals throughout the day is filling and nutritious so that you won’t feel the need to snack in between. Plus, it saves you more money for presents!



Work off the calories!

After Christmas and into the New Year, we all look to make resolutions so why not take up a new sport or join a gym? The Holbrook Club offers a range of services no matter your level of fitness. Whether you’re able to do full workouts of not, it’s important to keep yourself moving. If weights and treadmills don’t appeal, why not try something a bit different like Zumba?


Snack in moderation

Here’s the scene: You’re at a Christmas gathering with friends or family. Over on the snack table you see a glimmer of purple, pink and orange. No, it can’t be. It is. Quality Streets. Option A: You devour each and every one of your favourites before anyone else notices. Option B: You swish past the bowl every 15 minutes ‘just for one more’. Option C: You snack in moderation. Grab a couple of your favourites and leave it alone for the rest of the night! Instead, make sure to stock up your plate with veg and protein (lots of turkey and chicken) at lunch and dinner.


Take long walks with loved ones

This may not sound like fun, but wrapping up warm and taking long walks in parks is one of the bests things to do at this time of year. Not only does it get you out and about, but it’s also time well spent with family and loved ones. Grab your dog, a woolly hat and your favourite winter coat, and spend a good hour or two kicking up the leaves in Horsham park. Great fun!



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