A Fairtrade Guide to Horsham

Everyone has a general consensus that buying fairtrade products is very beneficial to the economy, but do you know why? Fairtrade is the trade between companies in developed companies and producers in developing countries in which the producers are paid fair and just prices for their work. We’ve recently had some exciting news that West Sussex has achieved all of the criteria to become a Fairtrade County and will be awarded this prestigious title by the Fairtrade Foundation later on this year!

On the 11th of March 2016, a celebration will be taking place in Horsham’s Capital Theatre at 7pm. We’re told that there will be nibbles and a glass of wine on offer, although you can check Fairtrade West Sussex’s website for more details here. One of the criteria that must be met in order to gain Fairtrade status is having readily available Fairtrade products throughout the county. Here are a few of the places that you can go to get your goodies:

Esquires Coffee

Did you know that your favourite place to grab a coffee is quickly becoming one of the world’s biggest Fairtrade and organic retailers? Esquires coffee brew, chocolate, sugar and tea are sourced from premium Fairtrade locations like Peru and Honduras. Not only are you getting the best quality beans but the producers of your drinks are getting a fair pay!

Cocoa Loco

A recent addition to our Swan Walk, this dreamy chocolate shop is actually a verified Fairtrade chocolate retailer. All of their chocolate boxes and many other products are totally Fairtrade. Pick up your favourite little treat for yourself or as a present for friends and feel totally satisfied that you’re giving back! Everyone’s a winner.

Waitrose Cafe

If you’ve popped into Horsham to do some weekly shopping in Waitrose or for a browse round John Lewis’ home section, make sure to stop off at the Waitrose Cafe upstairs. Their coffee and decaff are both Fairtrade brews from all over the world. Travel to the tastes of Colombia, Ethopia, India and Kenya right through your cup.

Churches in Horsham

There are 19 churches in Horsham that have reached Fairtrade status. In short this means that they use Faitrade coffee, sugar and biscuits at meetings and also promote Fairtrade Fortnight through as many events and workshops as possible. Ask your local church about their involvement with Fairtrade or see some information here on how you can get your group involved.

Do you know of any more havens in Horsham that sell or promote Fairtrade? Let us know on Twitter @HorshamBlog!

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