Top 7 Historical Buildings in Horsham

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Horsham is well known for being a historic town and this can be seen from the range of buildings throughout the area, especially around the Carfax and the Causeway.

The first record of Horsham as a settlement was in 947 AD and the name means ‘horse home’, as it was well known for horse trading during medieval times.

We have put together a list of the top 7 historical buildings in Horsham detailing some of the history behind them and many are easy to visit when you’re in town.

Christ’s Hospital

Christ's Hospital

Source: Christ’s Hospital

Christ’s Hospital is a famous public school that was founded by King Edward VI in 1552. Originally the school was situated in London but was relocated to Horsham in 1902. The building itself is bursting with stunning Edwardian architecture.

Although it is a fully functioning school, there is a museum onsite full of historical information and tours can even be arranged for you to marvel at the stunning architecture.

St Mark’s Spire

St Mark's Spire

Source: https://horshamphotography.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/st-marks-spire/

St Mark’s Spire was originally built in 1870 as an addition to St Mark’s Church, which was built in 1840. The Spire was added as a memorial to the daughter of Canon A.H. Bridges.

In 1988 the Church was pulled down and declared redundant, however the Spire was kept and can now be seen from around Horsham, elegantly towering over buildings in the town centre.

The Town Hall

Horsham Town Hall

Source: https://www.francisfrith.com/horsham/horsham-town-hall-1923_73406

The old Town Hall is one of the most recognisable and striking historic buildings in Horsham. It was built in its current state in 1812 by the Duke of Norfolk and is constructed of local stone and a slate roof, with the clock being added in 1820.

Although it is no longer a town hall, it is leased by the restaurant chain ‘Bills’ and still has the same outside style from the 1800’s.

Horsham Museum

horsham museum

Source: geograph.co.uk

Horsham Museum is situated down The Causeway, which is one of the most historical roads in Horsham and filled to the brim with beautiful homes and buildings. Just take a wander down the street and you will see a variety of stunning homes and architecture. The Museum was formerly known as Causeway House and the building can be traced back to the 17th century.

The Museum was founded in 1893 by volunteers and it showcases a range of historic artefacts associated with Horsham, such as period costumes, local trades, agricultural equipment and transport. It is definitely worth a visit, as there is so much to see and learn with changing exhibitions and local art on display.

St Mary’s Church

St Mary's Church

Source: https://www.stmaryshorsham.org.uk/

St Mary’s Church is situated at the end of The Causeway and is the oldest known building in Horsham. Originally, a Norman church could be found in this spot but the Church as we know it was built in 1247. Much of the original Norman structure can be found around the church, namely in the tower, west door and north west wall.

Although there have been repairs over the years, the structure remains largely the same and is still full of rich history. There is even a guide available in the church which details the restoration of the building through the years.

South Lodge

South Lodge

Source: https://www.exclusive.co.uk/south-lodge/

Situated just outside of the main town centre of Horsham in Lower Beeding, South Lodge is a beautiful 19th century building that now houses a hotel and spa. Built by Frederick DuCane Godman in 1883, it originally started out as a modest dwelling that then had substantial additions over the years, namely in 1911 when the drawing room wing was added.

With over 93 acres of woodland, there is lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery to enjoy, as well as the historic building itself. South Lodge is also home to the largest single Rhododendron Arboreum in England, with the 150 year old plant currently being 25 feet tall.

Chesworth House

Chesworth House

Source: https://www.countrylife.co.uk/property/glorious-sussex-home-one-henry-viiis-wives-cavorted-marrying-king-184357

Chesworth House is a Tudor Manor and Grade II listed building located around a mile outside Horsham. Notably, the house was owned by the Howard family and Catherine Howard, one of Henry VIII’s wives, grew up here.

It originally belonged to the Braose family from 1281 and even had Edward II stay there in 1324. The house has been extended several times over the years but much of the original structure is still the same.

The house has been up for sale several times in the last few years and boasts expansive land, as well as the beautiful and historical manor.

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